Anya the Siberian Husky

Anya the Siberian Husky

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


August 19, 2012

I had a great time this weekend with Mommy and my little sister Gracie.  We stayed at Rocky Mountain National Park Saturday and Sunday with Mommy while she was on duty.  I was a very good girl and so was Gracie.  We stayed with Mommy while she did her job and got to hang out and got lots of hugs from all the visitors.  We gave them doggie kisses too.

We stayed at a cabin with Mommy and some of her friends Saturday night.  I made a new doggie friend and we played a lot.

Sunday morning we had breakfast at Upper Beaver Meadows in the Park.  Ddn't see any beavers, but I did see some big Elk.  For lunch, we ate at a picnic table with lots of Aspen trees around, somewhere close to Fall River.

I sure was pooped when I got home.  So was Gracie.  We took a nice long nap.

Mommy said I was very good and can go with her to more places.  YAY MOMMY!