Anya the Siberian Husky

Anya the Siberian Husky

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Colorado State Parks


My Mommy just told me that we will soon start hiking at most of the Colorado State Parks. She found out that almost all 42 state parks allow doggies - and you know what that means - I am going to make lots of new people friends and doggie friends - and she said I will get to see lots of trees and big rocks and mountains and lakes and rivers and - oh, I can't remember the rest. The best part is, I get to spend more time with my new Mommy.

She said that as soon as I graduate doggie kindergarten - we will go camping and I get to sleep outside in a tent under the stars with her!

Hey, what's a tent?

Doggie Kindergarten!

WOW - Mommy signed us up for a special doggie kindergarten! We start on Sunday, April 3, 2011 - we are going to have lots of fun learning new things together. Plus, I will get to play with other doggies who are in my class!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My First Hike - Rabbit Mountain, Colorado - Sunday 03/27/2011

I had a great time with my new Mommy today - we went to Rabbit Mountain and hiked. There were lots of prairie dogs and they made funny squeaky sounds. There were really big rocks and dirt for me to play in. I ran very hard on the trail. I was so excited to see all the other dogs there too. I stopped to say hi to everyone.

Mommy was great - she gave me lots of water to drink and even turned on the air conditioner in the truck to cool me off on the way home.

We stopped by Sonic to get a treat - Daisy whispered to me that Mommy used to stop here and get her some cheese tater tots and to give them a try - she was right! YUMMY!

Colorado sure is fun! I can't wait to see what we are going to do next weekend!

Here are a few pics of me at Rabbit Mountain:

My New Home with My New Mommy

I am so glad to have my new Mommy. She tells me I am a full breed White Siberian Husky (although I really don't know what that means) and I was born on May 26, 2010. Mommy says that's a special day for her, because it is her Gramma McGregor's birthday, too.

I was sent to live at the COLORADO AUSSIE RESCUE because I got too big for my first family who couldn't keep me anymore. That's why they took me to COLORADO ASSUIE RESCUE - because they wanted to make sure I found the perfect new Mommy. CAR took great care of me and looked very hard to find the right new Mommy for me. I don't understand why I was given up. I am very lovable and loyal. I like everyone and also other animals. I can't help it if I am big boned.

Anyway, they took me to a special place to find me a new Mommy. I found my new Mommy on March 26, 2011. I knew I wanted her to be my new Mommy because her dog Daisy, who went to Heaven 8 years ago, whispered to me and told me she would love me forever. So, I ran up to her and licked her in the face. She started crying happy tears and hugged me back. She fell in love with me and took me home with her. She said she loves me just the way I am, big boned and all. Isn't Mommy special!

I love my new home. I have a playmate, SHUGGA, who is my new best friend. She is my Mommy's son's dog. I also have 2 kitties who live with me. I love them very much too. They are a little afraid of me right now and keep hiding from me, but I am sure they will love me too. I keep trying to play ball with them, but they keep running under the bed.

I have a new special bed that is all mine at the foot of my Mommy's bed, and my own dog food bowl and water dish. Mommy gave me Daisy's old blanket and I take very good care of it. I keep it in my bed.

My new Mommy's the best. She takes me for rides in her truck. We go outside together and walk, go hiking and are planning some cool camping trips together. I get very excited when we go to the pet store - because I know she will get me a new toy or treat.

Thank you, Daisy, for whispering in my ear. You are right, Mommy will love me forever!

Here is a picture of me and Mommy on our first hike together.

Here is a picture of me and my new best friend, SHUGGA