Anya the Siberian Husky

Anya the Siberian Husky

Thursday, April 26, 2012




Mommy told me that she had a big surprise for me today - she left for awhile and came home with a brand new puppy for me to play with!

I get lonely without a playmate, except when Shuggah is here - and I know that Shuggah and Jake will move someday and that will make me sad and lonely with no one to play with.  Mommy knew that I really like boxers, like Shuggah.  Mommy said she has been looking for the perfect baby sister for me since we moved to our new home, and she found GRACIE!

GRACIE MARSTON was born on Leap Day - February 29, 2012 - in New Raymer, Colorado, on a farm.  Her mommy is a brindle boxer - her daddy is a white boxer.  I thought maybe we should call her leapfrog, but Mommy didn't like that name.  Mommy said, since my name, Anya, means "God's Grace" in Russian, she named my new baby sister "Gracie", which means the same thing.  Mommy said she feels very blessed to have 2 angels from Heaven.

The first day she came home, I kinda sniffed her alot - wasn't sure what she was - never saw a small puppy before.  Then the next day, I played with her a little more, but mostly just sniffed her and let her come up to me and check me out.  Then, the third day, I figured out she was a real dog, even though she's very small right now.  And now, we are blood-sisters - the best of friends.  Even Shuggah and my sister-cat Cheyenne like her. 

GRACIE has the most adorable face - and she gives me lots of doggie kisses too!  I let her jump all over me and play.  I am very careful not to hurt her.  And, we all sleep in the same room with Mommy.

Here are a few pictures of my new baby sister, GRACIE MARSTON.  She will get as big as me some day.  But right now, Mommy she's about the size of a ruler.  WHAT'S A RULER?

GRACIE - 8 weeks old - at the farm where she was born

GRACIE - in the car on her way to my house

GRACIE - look at that face!

GRACIE - likes Mommy's chair

GRACIE - look how tiny she is

GRACIE - gotta love that sweet face

GRACIE - sitting in bubba Tony's lap

GRACIE - with me, ANYA (I am giving her a doggie kiss)

Mommy and Gracie at the farm (the white dog is her daddy)

Mommy and Gracie at the farm (saying goodbye to her mommy)

Mommy and Gracie at the farm

Mommy and Gracie at the farm

Bubba Jake and Gracie at the farm

Gracie is all smiles on her way to my house - Mommy told her how much I would  love her - and I do!

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